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Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that you never want to part with? Now you don’t have to! Kevel allows you to always feel confident in your fashion faves, no matter what stage of life you are in! Kevel Mommy and Kevel Perfect Fit are perfect for preserving your jeans and saving money. This breakthrough device is both discrete and effective!!

This fashion innovation, designed by Rachel Kearl, was born out of her own frustration over the zipper of her much loved pair of designer jeans. With a tired zipper no longer able to slide up and stay up, she knew she might be saying bye bye to these fashion faves. Not willing to let them go, she came up with Kevel.

Kevel fashion fixes are simple. Simply attach the elastic band to the zipper and then the tag to the button, with the extra band that loops through the button hole you have instantly secured against open fly syndrome and given your waist extra room with the growth of you and your baby! Perfect Fit works in the same way with an extra band that loops through the button-hole, allowing up to an extra 2 inches of waist space. Instant favourite jean fit fix! $17.99 for Perfect Fit and $19.99 for Kevel Mommy.

Enjoy your favourite jeans all the way through your pregnancy!

Kevel Mommy

Kevel Perfect Fit


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