By mid-pregnancy I began to dread going to bed each night as it became increasingly impossible to get comfortable. I would get sore hips, ribs and shoulders as the baby weight increased. I also kept waking up overheated and on my back which is not great for the baby. A friend of mine suggested the Maternity Pillow. I took her advice and bought one - it turned out to be the best investment. It took all the pressure off my joints and enabled me to stay on my side all night. The cotton cover also seemed to stop me overheat as much. I actually started to look forward to getting into bed at night and having quality sleep. I would highly recommend the purchase — Nikki, St.Kilda, Melbourne

My nights sleep has been made all the more comfortable since using the maternity pillow. I now feel the support on my belly and back that was missing before. A previous tummy sleeper, the pillow has made sleeping on my side a dream! — Atlanta, Auckland, New Zealand

I find it really helps me get to sleep, no more tossing and turning to get comfortable. I have also noticed that I am sleeping longer, rather than waking up all the time. — Ali, Prahran, Melbourne

Before I found out about the Inspired Living Maternity Pillow I used to put normal pillows between my legs for added support when sleeping on my side. I found that they were too high and not long enough and I always ended up on my back. With the Maternity pillow it is the perfect height and length enabling a good nights sleep. I still sleep with the pillow even after having my baby and also used it to assist with breast feeding. — Jane, South Yarra, Melbourne

The Inspired Living Maternity Pillow is so comfortable to sleep or lounge around with. As my belly grows, the pillow is providing great support and minimising cramping. You can shape the pillow around the belly, legs and back, whichever is more comfortable at the time. Now that I have it, I couldn't live without it! — Kristie, Geelong, Victoria